Ripon Cathedral, Yorkshire

Ripon Cathedral, Yorkshire, England

This evening, I am focusing on Ripon Cathedral which is located in Yorkshire, Northern England, close to such popular visitor sites as Fountains Abbey and Harrogate.

The site has a Christian provenance dating back to at least the 7th century AD  as the Venerable Bede ( died AD 735 ) mentioned a monastery there.

The current building  ultimately dates back to its foundation in AD 672 by St. Wilfred and incorporates the labyrinthine crypt from the monastery. Much of this was destroyed by Vikings in the 9th century. The chronology thereafter is:

  • Chapel: Built 11th century.
  • Main structure: 12th century.
  • Twin towers: 13th century.

Clearly, an imposing and impressive structure. The Cathedral is recognised for its chamber concerts and the Ripon Cathedral Choir.

Should be included in a tour when in the area.

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