Ruthven Barracks, Kingussie

Ruthven Barracks, Kingussie, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Ruthven Barracks, a ruined British Army ‘redcoat’ fort located close to the main A9, north-south route. Key facts as follows:

  • Situated atop a glacial era mound which was transformed into a  motte on which originally sat a medieval castle constructed by the Comyns in the 13th century.
  • An improved castle was built by the Earl of Huntly post 1450 but this was badly damaged b the Jacobites in 1689.
  • Came under Campbell control in 1647.
  • Current structure built 1721-1734 by the London Government in context of policy to subdue the Highlands. Designed to house 120 redcoats and 28 dragoons.
  • A force of just 12 redcoats held out against an attacking force of 200 Jacobites in 1745.
  • In February 1746 the redcoats surrendered to a superior force of Jacobites with artillery following which the fort was razed by the Highlanders.
  • The ruins were a rallying point for the defeated Jacobite army after Culloden but this was not sustained on instructions of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

    Interior of Ruthven Barracks

    Interior of Ruthven Barracks, Scotland

Entrance to the castle is free and the high elevation affords superb views over Kingussie and the Spey Valley.

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