Carved Pictish Stone,Eassie

Carved Pictish Stone,Eassie, Scotland

This afternoon, I collected tour guests from St. Andrews and then proceed as follows:

  • Across the Firth of Tay, through Dundee to Eassie in the county of Angus.
  • At Eassie ( a farming hamlet) we stopped to visit the ruined structure which was Eassie Old Parish Church inside which is the famous Eassie Sculptured Stone which dates from the Pictish era, maybe 1200 years ago. The Picts were the indigenous people of Scotland who occupied the country before the Scots arrived. The stone is typical of the Pictish era and comprises a cross-slab containing many symbolic carvings.
Carved Pictish Stone, Eassie

Carved Pictish Stone, Eassie, Scotland


  • Next, we continued into Central Scotland, through Dunkeld and then to visit Ossian’s Hall and the Falls of Braan. In this vicinity can be found one of Britain’s tallest trees.
Falls of Braan, Dunkeld

Falls of Braan, Dunkeld, Scotland

Tall Tree, Falls of Braan

Tall Tree, Falls of Braan, Scotland

  • Finally we reached our overnight destination of Pitlochry and our lodgings for the night.
Moulin Hotel, Perthshire

Moulin Hotel, Perthshire, Scotland

  • After checking in at the B&B we drove round to the Moulin Inn for dinner in this popular pub.


  • Tomorrow, we visit Loch Ness and Isle of Skye.


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