Historic Steam Engines at Railway Museum

Historic Steam Engines at Railway Museum, York

This morning we commenced our York Tour at the famous Minster (Cathedral). This is a massive and awe inspiring edifice dating from the 13th and 14th centuries built in the Gothic and Early English styles. It replaced an earlier, 11th century Norman building but there is a history of Christian worship on the site dating back to the 7th century and probably much earlier. The scale and quality of the masonry and other works is very impressive. We spent about an hour here with one guest climbing the nearly 300 steps up one of the three towers for a panoramic view over York and beyond.

York Minster, York

York Minster, York, England

Inside York Minster, York

Inside York Minster, York, England

Inside York Minster, York

Inside York Minster, York, England

Next, we visited York’s other top visitor attraction, namely Jorvik. This is a unique and high quality experience allowing visitors to ‘connect’ with York’s long Viking (Scandinavian) heritage which lasted between the 9th and 11th centuries.  Jorvik allows visitors  to ‘time travel’ through a community recreated from archaeological evidence.

Jorvik Scene, York

Jorvik Scene, York, England

Next we went round to nearby Clifford Tower which is the only remaining part of 11th century York Castle built by William the Conqueror.

Clifford Tower, York

Clifford Tower, York, England

Next to the Quilt Museum and Gallery which is dedicated to quilt making and textile arts. Many high quality-and vibrant coloured-works were on display but, unfortunately, photography was not permitted. The building itself is of historic interest, dating back to the 15th century and with a long history of varied uses over the years.

Next, a walk along a section of York’s historic city wall to Monk’s Bar (gate) and then on to the famous National Railway Museum, the world’s largest and busiest such establishment. Most of the space is used to display a major collection of historic steam locomotives including the record breaking ‘Mallard’; through to a replica of the pioneering ‘Rocket’ designed by Stephenson over 180 years ago. Also available here are models, archive material, photographic images,film and works of art.

Visit to the Railway Museum concluded our brief tour of York. Guests then connected with train for onward journey to London

City Walls, York

City Walls, York, England

Restored Steam Locomotive, Railway Museum

Restored Steam Locomotive, Railway Museum, York

Replica  of Stephenson's Rocket

Replica of Stephenson’s Rocket, York

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