Central Station and Argyle Street, Glasgow

Central Station and Argyle Street, Glasgow, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on Glasgow’s (Scotland) Central Railway Station which features some interesting architecture and is now a Grade ‘A’ listed building (top heritage building ranking).

Concourse, Central Station

Concourse, Central Station, Glasgow

This building has evolved over the years. It is the largest of the two main-line stations in Glasgow handling over 25m passenger entries and exist each year. This station is the northern terminus of the West Coast Main Line (from London) and serves the Greater Glasgow conurbation, southern Glasgow suburbs and has a link to Edinburgh, Scotland’s Capital City.

Concourse, Central Station

Concourse, Central Station, Glasgow

Key aspects of the architecture are:

  • Built on the site of the now defunct Grahamstown and opened 1879 by the Caledonia Railway. This first phase was designed by Edinburgh architect, Sir Robert Rowand Anderson.
  • In 1882 a longitudinal ridge and furrow roof was constructed. This was designed by Blyth and Cunningham.
  • In 1906 the roof was extended with two transverse ridge and furrow roofs, also the work of Blyth and Cunningham.
  • A low level station was opened in 1896, extended 1899-1905, closed 1964 and reopened 1979.
  • The station concourse was remodelled in 1985.

This video clip shows the platform area.

The station entrance features ornate iron-work. Seven pillars support the glazed porte-cochere arcade.

An impressive building, of particular interest to architects and engineers.


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