Moretonhampstead, Devon

Moretonhampstead, Devon, England

This evening, I am focusing on the quaint and pleasant town of Moretonhampstead which is a 6000 acre Parish located in the N.E. section of the Dartmoor National Park in Devon, England. The name is the longest such place name in England.

Remains of Old Market (Preaching) Cross, Moretonhampstead

Remains of Old Market (Preaching) Cross, Moretonhampstead, England

Moretonhampstead has a history dating back to the 8th century AD Saxon era. First part of the name means ‘farmstead in moorland’ .

During the Middle Ages prospered from the wool trade resulting in many fine buildings of historic interest notwithstanding a number of destructive fires in the early 20th century. The town is now designated a conservation area and comprises many listed (protected) buildings including alms houses ( medieval social housing) which date back to the 15th century.

Alms Houses at Moretonhapstead

Alms Houses at Moretonhapstead, Devon

For historic reasons, the sparrowhawk (bird of prey) has become the unofficial symbol of Moretonhampstead.

Sparrowhawk, Symbol of Moretonhampstead

Sparrowhawk, Symbol of Moretonhampstead, England

The parish church is relatively young, dating from 1450 with many subsequent additions and changes. The architecture style is perpendicular. The church is dedicated to St. Andrew.

Colourful Shop Front, Moretonhampstead

Colourful Shop Front, Moretonhampstead, Devon

Street Scene with Thatched House

Street Scene with Thatched House, Moretonhampstead

St Andrew's Church, Moretonhampstead

St Andrew’s Church, Moretonhampstead, Devon


Georgian Architecture, Moretonhampstead

Georgian Architecture, Moretonhampstead, England

Moreton House, Moretonhampstead

Moreton House, Moretonhampstead, England


Moretonhampstead is a fascinating small town on the edge of Dartmoor is deserving of a visit when in the area.