David Dale Burial Place, Glasgow, Scotland

This morning I met with an author who has written a book on the New Lanark World Heritage site  in Scotland and who wished to visit the burial place of the site’s founder, David Dale. By chance I had found the site last year in context of my separate GlasgowAncestry blog and was happy to direct the lady to the location in Glasgow’s Ramshorn Church Burial Ground.

New Lanark (see video above) is a massive industrial textile manufacturing site on the River Clyde, about 45 mins S.E.of Glasgow, but now a visitor attraction. This dates from 1786 and was a water powered cotton spining mill, the brainchild of entrepreneur, David Dale (1739-1806) who displayed strong philanthropic and religious (Presbyterian) motivations in his business life. Dale subsequently sold the new Lanark complex to a partnership headed by his son-in-law Robert Owen (1771-1858) for GBP60,000. Owen was, unusually for his time, a champion of a better and fairer society and took great interest in the welfare of his employees.

The New Lanark site continued in production until 1968 and subsequently underwent extensive restoration. It is now a major visitor attraction, along with the nearby Falls of Clyde.

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