Barony Church,Glasgow by Nigel's Best Pics
 This evening, I am focusing on Barony Church in Castle Street, Glasgow. Although located in the historic heart of the city this building is invariably overlooked by visitors en-route to the nearby (and famous) Cathedral and Necropolis. However there is an interesting story behind this somewhat innocuous building, viz:

  • In the post Reformation era, the (Presbyterian) congregation at Glasgow Cathedral was split into two: a High Church which worshipped in the main area on the ground floor and a Laigh Kirk (Low Church) which used the crypt for worship.
  • For an incredible 203 years from 1595 the Cathedral crypt served as a place of worship for the Laigh Kirk congregation notwithstanding poor ventilation and lighting. The crypt actually featured in Sir Walter Scott’s Rob Roy which was written about 1715.
  • Finally, and with pressures from an ever growing congregation, a new church was erected to accommodate the Laigh Kirk. This was designed by James Adam and opened in 1799.
  • Eventually, the Adam building had to be replaced. This resulted in the current building ,a red sandstone Gothic church designed by J.J.Burnet and J.A.Campbell, which opened in 1889.
  • Due to a declining congregation, the last service was held in 1985.
  • The church was subsequently acquired by Strathclyde University, restored in 1989 and is now used as a venue for ceremonial purposes.

Barony Church, Glasgow, Scotland

An interesting story which mirrors the rise and decline of church attendance in Scotland.

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