Caledonia Road Church, Glasgow, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on one of architect, Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson’s principal legacies in Glasgow, the now ruined, Caledonia Road United Presbyterian Church in the Gorbals district. Thomson was an Elder of this church.

Thomson (1817-1875) was the greatest architect of Victorian Glasgow. Much of his work was influenced by the architecture of ancient Greece notwithstanding that he never visited the country.

The Caledonia Road Church was built 1856-57 on a triangular block which stands on a main rout into the city.

The building features a high podium of sandstone crowned with an ionic temple portico. This gives the impression of an acropolis to which is connected a tall, obelisk-shaped tower. The windows on the sides are trapezoid.

The building’s current state is a function of burning by vandals in 1965. There are proposals afoot to have the site dedicated to Thomson supported with galleries and a museum. Thomson is buried about 1 mile away in the Southern Necropolis.

A site not to be missed in a tour of Glasgow’s diverse and rich architectural heritage.

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