This evening, I am focusing on Egglestone Abbey in northern England. This is a ruined Premonstratensian abbey which existed between 1195 and its dissolution in 1540.

The name Egglestone may originate from Old English and mean ‘farmstead of a man called Ecgel’.

Key facts concerning Egglestone Abbey:

  • Located on a bleak and exposed hill close to a bend in the River Tees. This is on the border between Yorkshire and County Durham and just 1.5 miles from Barnard Castle.
  • The location may have been influenced by proximity to the river and a source of building stone.
  • Premonstratensians were occupied with pastoral work in the community (relief for the poor) and later became known as the ‘White Canons’.
  • The ruined church contains unusual carved mouldings around pointed lancet windows. There is also an elaborate toilet drainage system.
  •  Post Reformation the site was used as a private residence and later a quarry.

 The abbey is managed by English Heritage and open to the public.

Another visitor attraction nearby is Raby Castle.

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