Millbrae Crescent, Glasgow, Scotland

This evening, I am continuing with my Alexander ‘Greek’  Thomson theme of recent days.

This post focuses on 2-38  Millbrae Crescent, near Langside in Glasgow and dates from 1876-77. Thomson died in 1875 but it is believed that Thomson’s last professional partner, Robert Turnbull, completed the work using Thomson’s design. The Crescent architecture has been described as combining the style of rustic villas with the sublime urbanity of the terrace.

Here is a video clip of the Crescent:

By way of a recap on Thomson:

  •  He lived 1817-1875 
  • Achieved recognition as greatest architect of Victorian Glasgow.
  • Acquired the moniker ‘Greek’ because much of his architecture was inspired by the architecture of ancient Greek although Thomson never visited the country.
  • Although some of his work has been demolished there still remains a legacy of  24 buildings and monuments designed by Thomson which reflect his personal journey through the architecture styles encompassing Italian Romanesque, Scottish Baronial, Gothic and Greek.

For further illustrations of his work see recent posts covering:

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