This evening, I am posting information on Old Calton Cemetery in Glasgow where are buried some of Scotland’s learned and celebrated personages from the 18th and 19th centuries, viz:

  • David Hume, Philospher and Historian: 1776
  • David Allan, Historical Painter: 1796
  • William Woods, Actor: 1802
  • Daniel Stewart, founder of Daniel Stewart Hospital: 1814
  • Professor John Playfair, Mathematician and Philospher: 1819
  • Archibald Constable, Publisher: 1829
  • Thomas Reid, Horologist: 1831
  • William Blackwood, Founder of Blackwood’s Magazine: 1834
  • Charles Mackay, Actor: 1857
  • Thomas Hamilton, R.S.A., Architect:1858
  • Rev. Principal Candish D.D.: 1873
  • Lord Gifford: 1887
  • James Lumsden, Scottish Vocalist: 1899

There is also a Scottish-American Soldiers Memorial with statue of Abraham Lincoln.

The cemetery is in the centre of Edinburgh, off Waterloo Place and close to Calton Hill.

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