Sannox Bay, Isle of Arran, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on the small village of Sannox, about seven miles north of Brodick on the east coast of the Isle of Arran.

A few days ago I spent a little time exploring the area in course of  a cycle ride and was pleasantly surprised with what I found, viz:

  • An extended sandy bay facing across the Firth of Clyde to North Ayrshire on the mainland opposite. The name Sannox is actually derived from the Old Norse for ‘sandy place’. ( Arran was controlled by Norwegian Vikings for a few hundred years until the 13th century.)
  • For administration and community purposes is allied with nearby Corrie.
  • A good base for hiking. Nearby is Glen Sannox and four impressive mountains, all just under 3000 feet in height: Goatfell, Beinn Tarsuinn, Cir Mhor and Caisteal Abhail.
  • Good opportunities for photography.

This video clip was taken from a high elevation point just to the north of Sannox

This video clip shows the mountains behind Sannox, Sannox village and the Firth of Clyde.

 This video clip shows Glen Sannox, a valley, just inland from Sannox.

 Hitherto, I have overlooked Sannox when driving past but a cycle trip does provide a more direct way to connect with Sannox and similar sites.