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Emmanuel College Garden, Cambridge, England

This morning , we departed our lodgings at Bury St. Edmunds and drove to the University city of Cambridge.

At Cambridge, we first visited Emmanuel College which has an excellent garden open to the public as illustrated in images above and below.

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This morning we departed our lodgings at Colchester and then continued our ancestry themed tour of East Anglia with first stop at Great Bromley where we received a warm welcome from the local churchwarden. This is a massive church with strong New England ( U.S.A.) connections via the Stone family who still maintain links with the area. Video and images are provided below.

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Today, I collected guests at Heathrow Airport and then embarked on a tur of villages in Essex connected with personal ancestry dating back to the 16th century.  We visited churches at Sheering, Writtle and Brocking finishing the day at Colchester, an ancient own with Roman origins and an impressive castle. The hotel we are staying tonight has two prison cells dating from the 19th century when it was jused as a transit stop for prisoners en-route to London.

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