Johnnie Walker Statue, Kilmarnock, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on the Johnnie Walker whisky connection at Kilmarnock in Ayrshire, S.W. Scotland.

The famous Johnnie  Walker brand had its genesis in Kilmarnock in 1820 when John Walker, aged 15 yrs, was set up in business as a grocer by the trustees of his deceased father, an Ayrshire farmer named Alexander Walker of Todriggs. John started to blend his own whisky, a practice carried on by his son, Alexander who managed to turn the grocery shop into a global business. John Walker is buried in Kilmarnock in the graveyard of the former St. Andrew’s Glencairn Church.

For some 192 years Kilmarnock was indelibly linked with the Johnie Walker brand via a blending and bottling facility in the town. However, the facility in Kilmarnock was closed in 2012 with the last bottle of Red Label produced on March 23rd of that year.

Notwithstanding the production closure, there remain tangible connections with Johnnie Walker brand in the form of:

  • Statue (at top of this post) which is positioned opposite the former bonded warehouse. This carries an interesting inscription which reads:

Who are you. Vulcan god of labour.Who is he. Mercury as Walker Distiller in this town. Industry is a compact between labour and capital.

  • Former Johnnie Walker bonded warehouse and bottling plant. (See images below.)

Johnnie Walker Statue and former Bonded Warehouse.

Former Johnie Walker Bonded Warehouse, Kilmarnock, Scotland

The Johnnie Walker connection should not be missed in a tour of Kilmarnock.

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