Donegal Abbey, Ireland

This evening, I am focusing on Donegal Abbey, close to the town of Donegal located on the N.W. coast of the island of Ireland. The abbey ruins overlook Donegal Bay which forms the estuary of the River Eske.

Summary facts on Donegal Abbey:

  • Founded 1474 by Hugh O’Donnell for a Franciscan order.
  • Had a relatively short life as was in ruins by early 17th century, due to the turbulence of the Protestant revolution.
  • The ruins comprise south transept, choir and part of the cloisters.
  • It was here that the Irish Annals were compiled by the Four Masters. These comprise the history and traditional mythology of Ireland from distant times until 1618. These Annals still exist but are kept in a secure place but a copy can be viewed.
  • The redundant Abbey site has been used by the local community for burials.

The history and special atmosphere of the site warrant a visit. I include Donegal in my tours of Ireland.

Donegal Abbey, Ireland

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