Kirkliston Church, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Kirkliston Parish Church, near Edinburgh, Scotland.

This church now forms part of the Church of Scotland ( Presbyterian) but has a long history stretching back 800 years. Key summary facts and history:

  • Built on an elevated position in late 12th century.
  • Additions to the structure in 1687, 1822 and 1883. Latter by celebrated architect, Robert Rowand Anderson.
  • The impressive arched doorway in the south of the building is of Romanesque style and features multiple concentric geometric and sculptured forms in each curve. The entrance which it serves was blocked in 1822 when an aisle was added to the north of the Nave.
  • There are two modern, stained glass windows.
  • The burial ground is very old with earliest identifiable stone dating from 1529.
  • The bird-cage belfry holds a single bell and is still in use.


Southern arched doorway at Kirkliston Church, Scotland


Kirkliston Parish Church, Scotland

A historic and interesting church. The interior can be visited by arrangement.

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