Mortlach Church, Speyside, Scotland


This evening, I am focusing on historic Mortlach Church, Mortlach near Dufftown on Speyside.

Mortlach translates as ‘big hillock’.

The church is believed to be built on a very ancient and early Christian site dating back to AD 566 when Moluag of Bangor established a place of worship here.

The earliest church dates from 1010 AD, contemporary with a battle in the area when the Scots secured a victory against a Danish force.

The building is aisless and rectangular. Restoration occurred in 1870 and 1931.The adjacent burial ground has tombstones from the 17th-20th centuries. There are also two Pictish carved stones, one inside the church and other in the burial ground.

This site is just a short walk from Dufftown and should be visited.



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