Hikers, Inverclyde, Scotland


This evening, I am posting images of a small group hike covering a route in the hilly, Inverclyde area just south of Greenock on the Firth of Clyde. This covered some rugged terrain, encompassing hills, reservoirs, Loch Thom ansd even a golf course. Flora and fauna encountered included sheep, cattle and wild violets.

Wild Violets at Inverclyde, Scotland



Before the Rainstorm at Inverclyde, Scotland


Gryfe Reservoir, Inverclyde, Scotland


Reservoir Feed, Inverclyde, scotland


Hiking beside Gryfe Reservoir, Scotland


Scottish Blackface Sheep. Inverclyde



Golf Course, Whitehill Reservoir and Firth of Cyde, Scotland


Golf Course near Whitehill Reservoir, Scotland


A good hike which culminated in a heavy rainstorm and a good soaking for all!

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