¬†This morning, we departed our lodgings in South Queensferry and drove south for a few miles to Roslin where we called in at Rosslyn Chapel. Here we arrived in time for the 10.00 am talk by a specialist guide who provided¬†extensive information on the history of the famous 15th century chapel and its concentration of high quality stone carvings. The Chapel has achieved fame in recent years due, principally, to it’s featuring in the Da Vinci Code.

Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland

Next, we continued south to Abbotsford House, former home of famous romantic Scottish novelist, Sir Walter Scott. The House is not open until July 4th., but we did call in at the new Visitor Centre and explore the gardens. Abbotsford House enjoys a superb location on banks of the River Tweed.

Abbotsford House, Scotland

Garden at Abbotsford House

Abbotsford House, Scotland

Abbotsford House and Gardens, Melrose, Scotland

Next, to nearby Melrose and it’s famous (ruined) Abbey, formerly home to an order of Cistercian monks which was first dedicated in 1146.¬†Considerable damage was suffered at hands of English armies in the 14th and 16th centuries. The heart of King Robert the Bruce is buried in the Abbey grounds.

Street Scene at Melrose, Scotland

Melrose Abbey, Scotland

Bagpipe playing pig at Melrose Abbey, Scotland


Robert the Bruce’s Heart at Melrose Abbey

Next to Scott’s View, a superb landscape vista near Melrose.

Next to Dryburgh Abbey. This was founded by a community of Premonstratensian monks in 1152. Like Melrose, Dryburgh Abbey was severely damaged by English armies in the 14th and 16th centuries. Sir Walter Scott is buried at this site.

Dryburgh Abbey, Scotland

Scott’s Tomb, Dryburgh Abbey, Scotland

Dryburgh Abbey, Scotland

Next to Jedburgh Abbey, another romantic ruin. This was originally a priory dating from 1138 which housed a community of Augustinian canons from Beauvais in France. The Abbey was substantially complete by the 1290s. The Abbey suffered at hands of English armies over the centuries. From the 17th to 19th centuries part of the Abbey was used as the local parish church.

Jedburgh Abbey, Scotland

Jedburgh Abbey, Scotland

Finally, we retreated to our overnight lodgings in Jedburgh. Tomorrow, we visit Hadrian’s Wall.

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