This morning, we departed our lodgings at Castle Stuart, Inverness and drove to visit two important historical sites nearby, namely Culloden Battlefield and Clava Cairns.

Culloden is the site of the last battle on British soil. This took place in April 1746 when the Jacobite forces of Bonnie Prince Charlie were finally and decisively beaten by a British army. Across the site are marked the burial grounds of the clansmen who fought for the Jacobites.

Clan Memorial at Culloden Battlefield, Scotland


Culloden Battlefield, Scotland

Clava Cairns is a significant prehistoric site dating back about 4000 years which comprises chambered burial tombs surrounded by stone circles.

Clava Cairns, Scotland


Clava Cairns prehistoric site

Next, we continued south, down the A9, passing through the Cairngorms National Park to the Highland Wildlife Park near Kingussie. Key attraction was felines including the Scottish Wildcat, Amur Tiger and Pallas’ Cat. We also encountered many other animals and birds including Camels, Bison, Deer, Yak, Monkeys, Otter, Pine Marten, Crane, Eagle Owl and Wolverine.

Loch Insch and Cairngorms

Eagle Owl, Scotland

Amur Tiger

Pallas’ Cat

Scottish Wildcat

Bactrian Camel


Next, we continued south to Pitlochry. Here we called in at Edradour Distillery, Scotland’s smallest whisky distillery, for a tour to learn about the malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation processes. This was led by a very competent guide.

Tour Guide at Edradour Distillery

Edradour Distillery, Scotland

Finally, we reached our lodgings for the night and availed of an evening meal at the Moulin Hotel.

Tomorrow we visit Balmoral and Stonehaven.



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