Cameron House, Loch Lomond

This morning, I collected guests from Cameron House Hotel, Loch Lomond and drove to the historic mill town of Paisley where we proceeded to visit places connected with Peacock family history and other important sites, viz:

  • New Sneddon Street
  • Burials at Woodside Cemetery.

James and Maggie Peacock Burial Place, Woodside Cemetery

Approximate location of Mary King Burial, Woodside Cemetery.

  • West Street

West Street leading to George Street, Paisley

West Street, Paisley, Scotland

  • Sandholes Street.

Sandholes Street, Paisley

Sandholes Street, Paisley, Scotland

  • Martyrs Sandyford Church, including interior. Church of Scotland/Presbyterian.

Martyrs’ Sandyford Church, Paisley

Martyrs’ Sandyford Church, Paisley

  • Thomas Coates Memorial Baptist Church, including interior.

Thomas Coates Memorial Baptist Church, Paisley

  • Statue of Rev John Witherspoon, a  former Paisley church minister who became a signatory to U.S. Declaration of Independence.

Jon Witherspoon Statue, Paisley, Scotland

  • George Street

George Street, Paisley, Scotland

  • Calside
  • Former Anchor Thread Works (textile mill).

Anchor Thread Mill, Paisley, Scotland

  • Lunch at Watermill Hotel, which coincided with a wedding event.

Watermill Hotel, Paisley, Scotland

  • Abbey Mill ( former thread works).

Abbey Mill, Paisley, Scotland

  • Paisley Abbey, including interior.

Inside Paisley Abbey, Scotland

Inside Paisley Abbey, Scotland

Paisley Abbey, Scotland

  • Walk up High Street including Oakshaw Trinity Church and return to vehicle at Abbey Mill.

Paisley Museum and Art Gallery

High Street, Paisley, Scotland

Oakshaw Trinity Church, Paisley, Scotland

With tour concluded we returned to Cameron House and fond farewells after a productive tour which benefited from arm and sunny weather.

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