Meeting a local at Golspie, Scotland

This morning, we departed our lodgings in Dornoch and proceeded as follows:


To nearby Golspie, where we visited the beach, Big Burn (stream), Water Mill (grain), and local church. At latter, two locals came to provide us with a tour of the building and supply information on local history.

Golspie Beach, Scotland

Big Burn at Golspie, Scotland

Water Powered Meal Mill, Golspie, Scotland


Golspie Kirk, Scotland

Inside Golspie Kirk, Scotland

Next to Loch Fleet where we encountered a colony of seals basking on sandbanks exposed by low tide. Close by is the ruins of Skelbo Castle.

Seals at Loch Fleet, Scotland

Skelbo Castle, Scotland

Next we continued round to the village of Embo where we had lunch, photographed an exposed Chambered CairnĀ and had a short stroll along the sandy beach.

Chambered Cairn, Embo, Scotland

Embo Beach, Scotland

Next round to nearby Embo Mains and Embo House.


Next back to Dornoch for a some shopping and then to Meikle Ferry, which is no longerĀ a ferry.

Meikle Ferry, Scotland

Next to Chananry Point in hope of viewing dolphins but, unfortunately, the animalsĀ did not make an appearance today.

Finally, we arrived at lodgings for the night at Castle Stuart, east of Inverness. Here we were greeted by a very friendly pony.

Castle Stuart, Scotland

Tomorrow, we visit a Highland wildlife park and then on to Pitlochry.





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