Happy Hikers, Scotland

This afternoon, I am posting information and images of yesterday’s small group hike in South Lanarkshire, S.W.Scotland.

The route focused on the valley of the River Avon between Larkhall and Hamilton, including Chatelherault Country Park. The weather was glorious with temperatures in high 20s centigrade.

The images below illustrate the pleasant, green landscape with varieties of flora and the River Avon.

Lanarkshire has a long history of heavy industry. Here is a park dedicated to the memory of Robert Smillie, an early trade unionist and co-founder of the Labour Party who was employed in coal mines during his early years.


Hiking through Lanarkshire, Scotland


Lanarkshire Landscape, Scotland


River Avon, Lanarkshire, Scotland


Lanarkshire Flora-Wild Hyacinth


Lanarkshire Flora-Yarrow


Robert Smillie Memorial Park, Lanarkshire


Forest Hiking Trail, Lanarkshire, Scotland


River Avon, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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