This morning, I collected guests from central Glasgow from where we proceeded as follows:

  • First to Rosslyn Chapel, a few miles south of Edinburgh. here we joined in the 10.00 am tour which provided a useful insight into the history of this 15th century building which took a cadre of top stonemasons some 40 years to complete.

Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland

Next we headed down te A7 highway with aim of reaching Abbotsford, home of famous Scots romantic novelist, Sir Walter Scott. Unfortunately, we were thwarted at every turn:

    • First we were directed off the road by police, presumably due to an accident.
    • Upon returning to the A7 we encountered yet another accident and were forced to take a diversion via a minor road.
    • Upon finally reaching Abbotsford, some 25 mins late, we encountered a crowd of people under police supervision. We slowed down to speak to an official and were informed HM the Queen was about to arrive (presumably to formally open the House following recent restoration work).
  • Our disappointment in failing to visit Abbotsford was offset by the pleasant drive down through some glorious, lush green,¬†countryside, passing a large castle and witnessing the work-in-progress to reinstate the railway line from Edinburgh to the south which was closed down in the 1960s.
  • We next turned to nearby Melrose where we visited the famous, romantic ruined abbey which suffered much damage by English armies in medieval times but was finally abandoned after the Reformation in 1560.

Melrose Abbey, Scottish Borders

  • Next we had lunch at a restaurant in Melrose and moved on, stopping first to observe and photograph the scenery from a vantage point known as ‘Scott’s View.

  • Next¬†to Dryburgh Abbey which suffered a similar fate to that of sister establishment at¬†Melrose. Here is located the tomb of Sir Walter Scott.

Five Amigos at Smailholm Tower, Scottish Borders

  • Next to Selkirk for some shopping at the Lochcarron retail store which specialises in specialist tartans and high quality Scottish themed textile products.

Lochcarron, Selkirk, Scotland

  • Our final visit, was a fleeting one to Jedburgh for a photo stop at the ruined abbey which had also suffered at the hands of ¬†English armies until its denouement at the Reformation.

Jedburgh Abbey, Scotland

After departing Jedburgh we drove north for drop-off in central Edinburgh and fond farewells at conclusion of successful, four day Scotland tour.


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