Livingston Village Kirk, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Livingston Village Kirk, West Lothian, Scotland.

The current church is used for Presbyterian worship within the Church of Scotland and probably dates to a time between 1560 and 1610, albeit with major repairs and alterations undertaken in 1732. Prior to the current building there was a medieval church (Roman Catholic) on the same site, and probably on the same alignment. There are records of the medieval church from the 12th century. It is assumed that masonry and material from the medieval church were used in construction of the current building as no evidence of the former now exists.

The name Livingston is of Anglo-Saxon orgin and means ‘Leving’s Farm’. 

Inside Livingston Village Kirk, Scotland

 In the churchyard is an intriguing stone termed a quincunx. There is a view that it was associated with some form of punishment in days past. I am currently exploring the possibility that the stone may be a sundial dating from time of the Angles.

Quincunx Stone, Livinston, Scotland

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