Marquess of Bute Coat of Arms


This evening, I am focsing on the Gothic palace of Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute which is a short distance off the West Coast of Scotland.

This building is a visitor attraction, originally conceived by the, extremely wealthy, 3rd Marquess of Bute (1847-1900)  following destruction by fire of the old Mount Stuart in 1877.

Using the services of Edinburgh architect, SirRobert  Rowand Anderson, a new, sumptuous, palace emerged which incorporated the undamaged north and south wings of the old building. The 3rd Marquess took close personal interest in the construction and internal decor of the building.

Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute, Scotland


Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute, Scotland


Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute, Scotland


Mont Stuart, Isle of Bute, Scotland

Visitors touring the building interior will view:

  • The Marble Hall which is constructed of Italian and Sicilian marble and rises to a height of eighty feet.
  • The Dining Room with its important collection of 18th century portraits.
  • The Marble Staircase with windows demonstrating, in heraldic form,the Bute family’s genealogical progression.
  • The Gallery with vault decoration featiring represanttaions of 128 heads of female figures from ancient mytology.
  • The Horoscope Room and Conservatory. Here can be seen an elaborate astrological ceiling.
  • The Family Bedroom which contains a frieze depicting scnes from the life of St. Margaret, an 11th century Scottis Queen.
  • The Lady Bute Room which features a walnut frieze depicting birds and foliage.
  • The Purple Library, one of three conecting libraries which collectively house some 12,000 books.
  • The Drawing  Room where the decor reflects heraldry, mythology and the natural world.
  • The Marble Chapel which combines aspects of French, Spanish and Italian Gothic architecture. The Third Marquess converted to Catholicism in 1873.

The building is surrounded by extensive woodland and pleasure gardens which have been carefully managed from the 1790s onwards. Here can be viewed a rich diversity of colours, plants and trees.


Garden at Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute, Scotland



Woodland at Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute, Scotland


Woodland Stream at Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute


Mount Stuart is a quality site deserving of a visit.