North Queensferry and Forth Rail Bridge, Scotland

This afternoon, I visited North Queensferry, a village of about 1100 persons located in Fife on the north bank of the Firth of Forth (estuary) about 10 miles from Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital.

The name ‘Queensferry’ is believed to be derived from Queen Margaret ( 1045-1093), a patron of the crossing across the Forth of Forth, particularly for religious pilgrims en-route to St. Andrews.

For at least 800 years, North Queensferry was the northern terminus of the crossing across the Forth. The ferry was superseded first by a rail crossing opened in 1890 and then by a road bridge opened in 1964.

North Queensferry is situated between the two bridges adverted to above. Other features include:

  • Town pier dating from 1813.
  • Restored Light Tower.
  • Boating Marina.
  • Interesting old architecture.

Video clip of two Forth Bridges from North Queensferry.

Forth Rail Bridge, North Queensferry, Scotland

Marine Architecture, North Queensferry, Scotland

North Queensferry, Scotland

Albert Hotel, North Queensferry, Scotland

Post Office Lane, North Queensferry, Scotland

North Queensferry War Memorial, Scotland

North Queensferry and Forth Road Bridge, Scotland

An interesting spot to visit. Somewhat quieter than counterpart of South Queensferry across the Firth.

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