Strathearn Distillery, Scotland

Today, I visited Scotland’s newest whisky distillery at Strathearn near Methven, Perthshire.

First spirit is expected to flow within the next few days. Key facts and information:

  • Output is projected at about 20,000 litres p.a.which will rank Strathearn as the smallest distillery in Scotland.
  • The single malt is expected to fall into the Highland category and unpeated.
  • Pending achievement of the qualifying three year and one day maturation hurdle to qualify as Scotch whisky, the spirit will be marketed as Uisge Beatha, the traditional Gaelic name.
  • When operational, visitors will be able to avail of whisky making experiences lasting one, three or five days.
  • In addition to whisky, gin and beer will be produced on the site.
  • Whisky aficionados will be able to purchase a cask of whisky from this distillery.

Whisky Casks at Strathearn Distillery, Scotland

Mash Tun at Strathearn Distillery, Scotland

Stills at Strathearn Distillery, Scotland