Tomatin Single Malt, Scotland

 This evening, I am focusing on Tomatin Distillery which is located in the Scottish Highlands, about twenty miles south of Inverness.

Tomatin is relatively young by Scottish distillery standards, having been established in 1897. Subsequently, the history has been erratic with closures, re-opeings and changes of ownership. During the late 1970s Tomatin was producing 12m litres of spirit per annum, the largest output in Scotland. However, to adjust to market conditions, the number of stills was reduced from 23 to 12 with resultant annual capacity of 5 million litres currently.

Today, the distillery is under Japanese ownership with principal markets being U.S.A., Sweden and Japan.

The core range of malts consists of 12, 15, 18 and 30 year old. There is also a peated malt aimed at the Japanese market.

Tours of the distillery are available. Visitors have the opportunity to bottle their own single malt. 

Tomatin Distillery, Scotland

Tomatin Distillery, Scotland

Touring Tomatin Distillery, Scotland

Tasting Single Malt at Tomatin Distillery, Scotland

1967 Vintage Single Malt at Tomatin Distillery, Scotland

Bottling single malt:

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