Ceres, Fife, Scotland

 This evening, I am focusing on the colourful and historic village of Ceres in Fife, S.E. Scotland. Summary facts and information:

  • Population is about 1000 persons.
  • Connected with the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 in that men from the village fought (for the Scots) at that battle in recognition of which permission was given for a games to be held on the Green ( originally known as Bow Butts is recognition of archery practice undertaken there). A monument was erected in 1914 to commemorate the men from Ceres who fought at Bannockburn.
  • Ceres (Highland) Games may be the oldest in Scotland.
  • Ceres is located close to Cupar and St. Andrews. The name may be derived from the Gaelic term for ‘Place to the West’ (of St. Andrews).
  • A burn ( stream) runs through the centre of Ceres. This is known as the Ceres Burn.
  • The Parish Church dates from 1806. It replaced an earlier, medieval church.
  • The picturesque Ceres Inn dates from 1721,
  • Wemyss Pottery was re-established in Ceres in 1985 since when it has prospered. 

Bannockburn Monument, Ceres, Scotland

Ceres Green, Fife, Scotland

Ceres Inn, Fife, Scotland

Ceres Parish Church, Fife, Scotland

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