Cross marked slab at Inchinnan

This evening, I am posting information on the Inchinnan Stones, near Renfrew  in S.W. Scotland.

The carved stone illustrated date back at least 1000 years and are believed to be connected with the cult of St. Conval, a seventh century AD disciple of St. Kentigern, the latter being the patron saint of Glasgow.

The stones in the image immediately below are in their original position and may be connected with an early cross. Although now located in the corner of the Normandy Hotel car park they are on close proximity to the site of an early church on the opposite bank of the White Cart (river), a few hundred metres away.

St. Conval’s Chariot and the Argyll Stone, Inchinnan

The remaining three images and video show three carved stones which lie behind a protective metal grill. Details as follows:

  • Image at top of this post is a cross-marked burial slab.
  • Image immediately below is the shaft of an upright cross.
  • Image at foot of the post features a central cross surrounded by animal art on the face and sides. This may indicate a high status burial, possibly even that of St. Conval.
  • The carvings may date as far back as the 7th-9th¬†centuries and¬†indicate Pictish influence, as found elsewhere in Scotland from this time period.

Shaft of upright cross at Inchinnan

High status tomb-stone at Inchinnan

Here is a video clip of the three carved stones at Inchinnan Church:

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