India of inchinnan, Renfrew, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on the India of Inchinnan building with its impressive Art Deco facade. This building, which is located in the West of Scotland near Renfrew, is now ranked as Grade A listed heritage site but remains in use as a commercial facility. A summary history of the building and site is as follows:

  • The site was originally used for manufacture of airships during WW1.
  • Later, the redundant airship facilities were converted to rubber tyre manufacturing under the ‘India’ brand. During this period new offices  were commissioned in the Art Deco style and opened in 1931.
  • After a period of dereliction in the 1980s, the building was renovated to its current high standard in 2003 and is now occupied by the technology based, Sword Group.

Inside is an Indian restaurant which is open during weekdays.

A great site for fans of Art Deco!

India of Inchinnan, Renfrew, Scotland

India of Inchinnan, Refrew, Scotland

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