Start of West Highland Way, Milngavie, Scotland

This morning, I embarked on stage 1 of the 95 mile long West Highland Way which runs from Milngavie (Glasgow) to Fort William in the Highlands.

Milngavie, Scotland

The first stage starts Milngavie, an upscale outer Glasgow suburb, and then north passes through Blanefield, Dumgoyne, Killearn and Gartness with my first overnight in Drymen.

Reflections, West Highland Way

About half of this first leg follows the line of a defunct railway line and is easy terrain to navigate. The rest of the trail uses trails and paths which are also relatively easy-going.


Route of the West Highland Way north of Milngavie

Route of West Highland Way, Scotland

The weather today was mainly dull and overcast albeit with no rain.

At this time of year we are on the cusp of Autumn/Fall with trees beginning to change colour and hedgerows are laden with all sorts of seasonal berries and fruits including Blackberries, Rowan berries, Elderberries, Crab Apples, Rose Hips and more. I was able to indulge in a feast of ripe Blackberries as I travelled along.

Blackberries, Scotland

Rowan Berries, Scotland

The undergrowth and ground surface is inherently wet as a function of the high rainfall in the West of Scotland. This in turn gives rise to multiple and varied shades of green, which makes for interesting photographs.

Hiking near Drumgoyne

Glengoyne Distillery, Killearn

Here is a video clip of the landscape at Glengoyne Distillery:

Along the way I noticed a wide variety of trees and shrubs including Oak, Ash, Beech, Birch, Silver Birch, Alder, Hawthorn, Rhododendron, Broom, Scots Pine, various conifers, Willow, Crab Apple and Rowan. There were also numerous wildflowers. Quite a nature walk!

Bee at work

Daisies, Scotland

Wildflowers, Scotland

Images above and below give a flavour for the route.

Rural Scene near Drymen

Here is a video clip of Drymen:

Very Old Pub in Drymen, Scotland

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