Pairs Rowing on River Clyde, Glasgow

This evening, I am focusing on rowing on the River Clyde, Glasgow, Scotland.

The images above and below were taken from the vantage point of St. Andrew’s Bridge which straddles the Clyde between Glasgow Green and the Gorbals. 

Rowing on the River Clyde (for sport) has a long history, stretching back to 1865. Currently there are three rowing clubs plus clubs sponsored by Glasgow and Strathclyde universities. The Scottish Amateur Rowing Association is seeking to leverage this pool of skill and activity by designating Glasgow as a key regional centre for the sport of rowing and encouraging further development by sponsoring new boathouses.

The three Clyde based rowing clubs are:

  • Glasgow Rowing Club, established 1983.
  • Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club,established 1857.
  • Clyde Amateur Rowing Club, established 1865.

Single Rowing on River Clyde, Glasgow

Coxless Fours on River Clyde, Glasgow

View of Glasgow City with rowing in process.

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