Loch Leven, Scotland from Lairigmor

This evening, I am focusing on Lairigmor, a high elevation ( 1000 feet) pass in the Scottish Highlands, north of Kinlochleven.

Lairigmor derives from Gaelic. Lairig means  ‘pass between hills’ whilst mor means ‘big or great’.

Lairigmor is accessed today via hiking trail known as the West Highland Way which follows the line of an 18th century British Army road known as the Old Military Way with Fort William as destination ( or start point). The Lairigmor section is about five miles in length.  To the immediate west is a stream (burn) known as Allt na Lairige Moire whilst to the south Loch Leven can be seen.

Once accessed via short, steep climb up from Kinlochleven the gradient is relatively easy.

For enthusiasts, the hills around Lairigmor offer superb walking. To the north is the Mamore Ridge, which is considered to rank as one the finest such ridge walks in Scotland including 11 Munros, or mountains over 3000 feet.

 Refer images and video for an appreciation of the terrain and views.

Lairigmor, Scottish Highlands

Lairigmor, Scottish Highlands

Mountain Biker, Lairigmor, Scottish Highlands

View from Lairigmor, Scottish Highlands

Lairigmor, Scottish Highlands

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