Hadrian’s Wall Path, England

Today, I completed stage one of my hike along the line of Hadrian’s Wall in Northern England.I departed Newcastle-on-Tyne and headed west, following the River Tyne for most of the way. At Newcastle I encountered heavy rain which warranted full waterproof clothing but, fortunately, the weather progressively improved resulting in mild temperatures and sunshine for most of the day.

I did not connect with any Roman sites until late afternoon when I reached Heddon. Here I encountered a stretch of preserved Wall. From hereon the hike should closely align with the Wall and related sites, through to Carlisle in the west.

Today, the hike was relatively easy-going, essentially flat terrain with experience aided by good weather. The emphasis today was on scenery, industrial history, a battle site and flora all of which was most enjoyable.

Newcastle was at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Along the route I encountered sites associated with the industrial legacy including, shipyards, steel-works, iron works, coal mining and glass-making. The pioneering locomotive engineers George and Robert Stephenson were active in the area. I also passed the site of the Battle of the Battle of Newburn Ford, 1640, where a Scots army prevailed over an English one. Along the way I encountered interesting examples of flora, including seasonal berries, fungi and flowers.


River Tyne at Low Tide, England

Route of Hadrian’s Way from Newcastle, England

Wildflower on Hadrian’s Path

Memorial to Montagu View Coal Mine Disaster

Autumn Berries, England

Industrial history: Lemington Glassworks, England

River Tyne with Boathouse Inn, England

Battle of Newburn Ford, 1640

River Tyne from Hadrian’s Way, England

Wylam Waggonway. Originally horse drawn and then a steam railway


Hadrian’s Path approaching Heddon on the Wall

Roman inspired street names at Heddon on the Wall, England

Heddon Church, England

Hadrian’s Wall at Heddon on the Wall, England

Hadrian’s Wall at Heddon,England

All in all, a productive and satisfying day.

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