This evening, I am focusing on Oakshaw Trinity Church in Paisley, Scotland.

The building was incepted in 1756 under John White and was known as Paisley High Church. A steeple was added in 1770 with extensions added in the 19th century. This is a rectangular classical church with a galleried interior. Interior features include:

  • A newly restored  Hill organ set under the tower.
  • Stunning plaster ceiling.
  • Seven notable stained glass windows: two by Oscar Paterson ( c.1918); two by Alec Walker ( c.1909 and 1921); one each by Gordon Webster (1951); Sadie McLellan (1973); and John Clark (1996).

The current congregation is ecumenical ( Church of Scotland and United Reformed) and derives from the  merger of four churches in Paisley during the period 1991-1994:

  • Paisley High.
  • St. John’s.
  • Orr Square.
  • Paisley Congregational.

Oakshaw Trinity Church, Paisley, Scotland.

Inside Oakshaw Trinity Church, Paisley, Scotland.

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