Victory Baths, Renfrew, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on an unusual topic in form of heritage grade public swimming baths at Renfrew in West of Scotland.

Renfrew’s Victory Baths were sponsored by the local Lobnitz shipbuilding family (Lobnitz & Co Ltd.) in memory of the people of Renfrew who served in the British military during World War I. Inside the Baths, at Reception, is a walnut board listing the names of some 1125 local persons who were honoured by the bathing facility.

The baths were opened on Sept 19th 1921 by Lord & Lady Lobnitz and Lady Blythswood. At the time the facilities incorporated the latest technology and inventions. This was the first pool to re-cycle water and thus save energy costs. In addition to the swimming facilities the building originally included slipper baths, a committee room and a laundry.

Location was influenced by proximity to the local Robertson Park which connected with the recreation theme.

As is evident from the images below, the Baths are still in use today.

Inside Victory Baths, Renfrew, Scotland

Inside Victory Baths, Renfrew, Scotland

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