Home made Rosehip Syrup

This evening, I am reporting on a small group cycle ride in the outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland with emphasis on local lore, natural heritage, and wild life.

The weather proved ideal (for time of year) offering blue skies and sunshine combined with seasonal frost and long shadows.

The cycle route covered Bellahouston Park, Pollok Park, White Cart Water (river), Brock Burn (stream), Darnley Sycamore (heritage tree), Levern Waters (stream), Rosshall Park and the medieval Crookston Castle.

Bellahouston Park with frost and long shadows

Pollok Park, Glasgow in Autumn

Japanese Knotweed in Pollok Park, Glasgow

Tour Group

Darnley Sycamore Tree, Glasgow, Scotland

Leverndale Hospital Water Tower, Glasgow

Crookston Castle, Glasgow, Scotland

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