HMS Defender at Glasgow, Scotland

Today, I took the opportunity to visit HMS Defender, a brand new Type 45 Destroyer which was accepted into the British Fleet in March and should be ready for regular duties by Easter 2014, after completing sea trials. 

The vessel has a special connection with Glasgow because it was built on the Clyde, close to where it is moored.

Opportunity to tour the vessel arose due to the vessel paying a brief, goodwill visit to Glasgow during which the ship’s company attended a reception in Glasgow City Chambers to honour the ship’s association with the city.

Here is summary information concerning the vessel:

  • Type 45 Anti-Air Warfare Destroyer.
  • 7500 tonnes.
  • 191 crew.
  • Sea Viper Anti Air Missile System
  • 1 X 4.5 inch Medium Calibre Gun
  • 2X 30 mm Automated Guns.
  • 2 X Phalanx 1B Close in Weapon.
  • Merlin or Lynx helicopters.
  • Propulsion: 2 X Rolls-Royce WR 21 20 MW Gas Turbines. 2 X 2MW diesels.


HMS Defender

HMS Defender emblem

Clydebank through a gunsight

Bridge, HMS Defender

View towards Clydebank from HMS Defender

Tower, HMS Defender

View of Glasgow from HMS Defender

Control Room on HMS Defender

Sick Bay, HMS Defender

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