Lemington Glassworks, England

This evening, I am focusing on a fascinating piece of Britain’s industrial history as manifested in the surviving glass manufacturing cone at Lemington, some 3.5 miles west of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, N.E. England.

This surviving cone is the sole survivor of a four cone complex which was incepted in 1787 on a site superbly situated-close to the River Tyne- for import of key materials such as sand, alkali and clay.

During the two centuries in which glass was produced, production waxed and waned accompanied by numerous changes of ownership.

Following cessation of production in 1997, the remaining cone has been restored as a heritage monument and now acts as a show room for motor cars and domestic cookers. The cone is built of English bond brick, was built in 1797 and measures 115 feet high and 69 feet in diameter.

I encountered the structure in course of following the Hadrian’s Wall Path hiking trail.

Lemington Glassworks, England

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