Sherlock Holmes Statue, Picardy Place, Edinburgh

This evening, I am focusing on Edinburgh’s connection with the famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes via his creator Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle ( 1859-1930).

Within a very compact area of Edinburgh can be found:

  • The Conan Doyle Pub at 71-73 York Place.
  • Picardy Place, opposite the pub, where Conan Doyle was born in 1859.
  • St. Mary’s Cathedral ( R.C.) where Conan Doyle was baptised.
  • A statue of Sherlock Holmes, in Picardy Place.

There is another Edinburgh dimension to the Holmes character in form of Joseph Bell ( 1837-1911) who was a lecturer at Edinburgh University’s Medical School at time Conan Doyle was a student there. Bell was a pioneer in forensic science and proved a key influence on the creation of the famous detective.

All the key sites listed above can be accessed on foot from central Edinburgh.


St. Mary’s R.C.Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland

Picardy Place, Edinburgh, Scotland

Sign at Conan Doyle Pub, Edinburgh, Scotland

Conan Doyle Pub, York Place, Edinburgh, Scotland

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