Detaild from Templeton Carpet Factory, Glasgow Green, Scotland

Today, I led a small group tour of unusual and interesting sites around Glasgow with an underlying theme of art and design, spanning about 1000 years.

First, we visited Govan Old Parish Church wherein is a unique collection of thirty one early medieval carvings dating from around the 9th-11th centries AD. Towards the end of the first millennium Govan appeared to been at the heart of power base which pre-dated nearby Glasgow, possibly the seat of a regional royal family.

The Govan carvings were made in the early Christian period and all were found in the confines of Govan Old Parish Church, the third such Christian church on the site.

The stones fall into for categories: an elaborately carved sarcophagus, crosses and cross-slabs,personal gravestones and Scandinavian influenced ‘hogback’ monuments.

Sarcophgus in Govan Old Parish Church, Scotland

Hogback Gravemarkers from Govan Old Parish Church, Scotland

Next, we travelled about half a mile to the site of  an abandoned 19th century dry dock used in the commercial ship-building industry in which Glasgow once held a pre-eminent position.

Former Govan dry dock with Glasgow skyline in distance

Next, wed drove on, past Rangers FC soccer stadium to Rennie Mackintosh ( 1868-1928) designed House for an Art Lover. Mackintosh has left a considerable legacy of his work in and around Glasgow. The plans were completed in 1901 but construction was undertaken 1989-1996. The House is open to the public and is a popular weddings venue.

House for an Art Lover, Glasgow, Scotland

Design detail inside House for an Art Lover

Oval Room, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow, Scotland

Next, we went on to Glasgow Green in the city’s East End. Here we viewed the Venetian inspired architecture of the former Templeton Carpet Factory and  1888 Doulton Fountain. Then inside the People’s Palace for refreshment and to visit the museum with its focus on social and community history.

Doulton Fountain, Glasgow Green. The world’s largest ceramic fountain.

Templeton Carpet Factory modelled on the Doge’s Palace in Venice.

Inside People’s Palace Museum, Glasgow

Inside People’s Palace Musem, Glasgow, Scotland.

Finally, we viewed the Victorian era washing line poles still preserved on Glasgow Green

Washing line poles on Glasgow Green, Scotland

With tour concluded, guests were returned to hotel in central Glasgow.

Tomorrow, we embark on a walking tour of Glasgow city.

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