Argyll’s Lodgings, Stirling, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Argyll’s Lodging situated in Castle Wynd, close to Stirling Castle in central Scotland.

This building, now a visitor attraction, has a 450 year history closely intertwined with Scottish history and aristocracy. From modest beginnings the building evolved into a small palace and ultimately a military hospital. Use and status over the years was influenced by proximity of Stirling Castle the role of which switched from a Royal residence to a British military establishment ( and now a top visitor attraction).Here is a chronological summary:


A two-story structure built in mid 16th century by John Traill which was then extended into a L shaped Tower House.


Further extended in 1629 by Sir Wm Alexander ( later Lord Stirling) to form a private palace.


After lying empty for a period the building was acquired by the 9th Earl of Argyll (hence name) who relocated from ( abandoned) his Lowland base at Castle Campbell  to Stirling, no doubt influenced by proximity to the Royal Court. Further extensions were undertaken by the Earl, who was also Chief of Clan Campbell. Although the Earl was executed in 1685 for his role in a failed uprising the property remained in Campbell hands until sold in 1764.


Acquired by the British military in 1800 for use a hospital and thereafter remained under military control until 1964. Was then a youth hostel for a short time until converted to current role as a museum and visitor attraction.

This unique property featuring Renaissance era architecture and a sumptuous interior is often overlooked by the hundreds of thousands of visitors which pass by each year en-route to the nearby castle.

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