Clutha Vaults Helicopter Wreckage, Glasgow

This morning I took the opportunity to visit the site of the helicopter crash in central Glasgow, a local disaster which has been reported via national and international media. My visit coincided with removal of the helicopter’s fuselage, as show in the video clip below.

The Accident

Occurred at 2225 on Friday, November 29th when a Police Scotland helicopter with three crew suddenly, and without warning or mayday call, crashed through the roof of the Clutha Vaults, a well-known and popular bar. The aircraft appeared to have dropped suddenly and vertically without power.

To date the accident has resulted in nine fatalities, including three crew, plus twelve persons still receiving treatment in hospitals around Glasgow.

Although unusual, this was not the first helicopter crash in Glasgow.

Clutha Vaults

A popular, single storey building located at 167-169 Stockwell Street, close to Glasgow City Centre and the River Clyde.

The rescue was aggravated by the structure of the single storey Clutha Vaults which occupies the ground floor of  a former multi-storey tenement (apartment) block. The walls are thick and the flat roof/ceiling has three layers.

Clutha Vaults hosted live music on five nights per week. Being a Friday night, the venue was well patronised and band playing at time of the accident.

The Helicopter

The only such aircraft operated by Police Scotland. It was a three tonne, seven years old Eurocopter EC 135 T2. This type of aircraft is popular with rescue and emergency services around the world.   

 Video clip showing removal of helicopter fuselage.


Emergency Service Vehicles at Clutha Vaults Helicopter Disaster, Glasgow, Scotland

Site of Clutha Vaults Helicopter Disaster, Glasgow, Scotland

Site of Clutha Vaults Helicopter Disaster, Glasgow, Scotland

Police Helicopter at Heliport, Glasgow

With the rescue entering its final stages attention will now be given to official enquiries to ascertain the cause of the accident.

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