John Cowane Statue at Cowane’s Hospital, Stirling, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on an interesting example of 17th century Scottish philanthropy as manifested in Cowane’s Hospital which is located in Stirling Old Town, Scotland, close to Church of Holy Rude and within a short walk of the famous castle.

John Cowane ( 1570-1633) was a wealthy and influential businessman of 17th century Stirling who held the position of Commissioner to the Scots Parliament.

Cowane left funds for his eponymous ‘hospital’ which in his time meant a refuge or hospice type establishment for members of the local guild (business grouping) who were in need of help. The Hospital was built during period 1637-1649 and was also used as a meeting place for guild members.

Today, the historic building is open to the public. Inside can be found a coffee shop, resident artist and herbal soap manufacturing facility. The Hospital is also available for conference and event hire.

An intriguing and well preserved example of 17th century architecture.

Cowane’s Hospital, Stirling, Scotland


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