Galashiels, Scottish Borders

 This evening, I am posting information on the town of Galashiels which located about 1 hour south of Edinburgh in the Scottish Borders region.

Summary facts and information:

  • Has a long history of occupation dating back about 2000 years to the Iron Age.
  • Located close to the Gala River. The name translates as ” Huts by Gala Water.”
  • Population about 14000.
  • Has historic and current links with the textile industry.
  • Many redundant textile mills have been converted to retailing outlets.
  • On route of Borders Railway in process of being re-built which will provide a direct link between the Borders Region and Edinburgh.
  • Featured in two poems by Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns: “Sae Fair Her Hair” and “Braw Lads”.
  • A major commercial hub for the Borders Region.
  • Closest main tourist attraction is Melrose Abbey

Harrow Inn, Galashiels, Scotland

Our Lady & st. Andrew Church, Galashiels, Scotland

Street Scene, Galashiels, Scotland

The Fountain, Galashiels, Scotland

Round Tree Bridge, Galashiels, Scotland

Old Cemetery, Galashiels, Scotland

Galashiels Burgh Hall, Scotland

Galashiels Trinity Church, Scotland

Auld Mill Inn, Galashiels

Galashiels Library, Scotland

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