Centre of Hawick, Scotland

 This evening, I am posting information on Hawick, a large town in the Scottish Borders region.

Summary facts and information:

  • Located about 50 miles south of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital.
  • Name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon term for ‘Hedge Settlement’.
  • Situated at the confluence of Slitrig Water and River Teviot.
  • Population is about 15,000.
  • Known for:
    • Annual Common Riding event.
    • Rugby Football Team.
    • Cashmere and Wool industry.
  • The cashmere and wool industry dates back to the latter part of the 18th century. Johnstons of Elgin is a major manufacturer. 
  • In the town centre can be found the Heritage Hub which is an archive repository and local history centre for the Scottish Borders region. A useful resource for ancestry and family history research.

Other towns in the vicinity include Selkirk, Melrose, Kelso and Jedburgh.

Tower Mill, Hawick, Scotland

River Teviot, Hawick, Scotland

1514 Equestrian Memorial, Hawick, Scotland

St. Mary’s and Old Parish Church, Hawick, Scotland

Drumlanrig Square, Hawick, Scotland

Hawick High Street, Scottish Borders.

Medieval documents at Hawick Heritage Hub, Scotland

Hawick Cashmere of Scotland

Johnstons Textile Mill, Hawick, Scotland

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