Interior of Royal Society of Edinburgh

This evening, I am posting information on the Royal Society of Edinburgh consequent upon a recent tour of the building at 22-26 George Street, Edinburgh. Summary facts and information:

  • Established 1783 by Royal Charter ” for the advancement of learning and useful knowledge”.
  • Moved to present site ( nos 22-24 George Street) 1909. This was designed by William Burn and David Bryce in 1843. A prestigious address in Edinburgh’s New Town.
  • Currently has 1565 Fellows.
  • Of the RSE’s past fellows, possibly the famous is the Edinburgh born James Clerk Maxwell ( 1831-1879). Maxwell was the first Professor of Experimental Physics at Cambridge and ranks within the elite of world scientists. Maxwell’s equations of the electromagnetic field were influential on Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity.
  • The RSE has an ongoing programme of lectures, discussions and exhibitions many of which are open to all and free to attend.
  • The rooms and facilities for a wide range of functions such as conferences, lectures, seminars. meetings, weddings and other special occasions.

Royal Society of Edinburgh, George Street.

Public room at Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scotland

Auditorium at Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scotland

Meeting Room at Royal Society of Edinburgh

Notes and publications by James Clerk Maxwell

James Clerk Maxwell’s Formula

Interior stairway at Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scotland

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